Residential Roofing

AKAT Solutions specializes in top quality roof repair and replacement. Our dedicated roofing teams are made up of skilled roofers who have at least two years of high-quality experience, and they’re managed by crew leaders who have handled roofing projects for at least seven years. That means you can be confident that your roof is being installed or repaired by professionals.

It’s also why we can confidently offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on every roof we replace. We know our teams do their work correctly using the best materials, the latest roofing technology, and old-fashioned craftsmanship, such as using no fewer than six nails in each shingle.

Need to repair your business’ roof? AKAT Solutions is your first choice for commercial roofing.

Act Quickly to Repair Your Roof

When you have a leaking roof, our team acts quickly to prevent damage to your home. They pinpoint the source of the leak and perform the right repair to give you long-term protection. That’s important, because roof leaks can be caused by all these problems and more:

  • Defective flashings
  • Holes
  • Torn or missing shingles
  • Broken seals
  • Poor connections between the roof and penetrations
  • Cracked chimney crowns
  • Blistered shingles

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Financing and Insurance Assistance!
We can help you find the resources to build, maintain and repair your home and business. Contact us for more.

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